Iman van Lelyveld

Professor & Senior Advisor


Iman van Lelyveld is keen to use new data sources to provide policy makers with solid underpinnings for developing regulation. He is a Senior Policy Advisor with DNB and Professor of Banking and Financial Markets at the Finance Group of the Free University Amsterdam. At DNB he has been involved in many regulatory policy issues covering amongst others, interest rate risk in the banking book, deposit guarantee pricing, and CVA charges. He is a member of the BCBS Research Task Force and has chaired several international groups, most recently on liquidity stress testing. He holds a PhD from Radboud University (‘Inflation, Institutions, and Preferences’) and has published widely on, amongst other topics, interbank networks and internal capital markets. Iman has worked for Deutsche Bank, the Bank of England, and the International Data Hub at the Bank for International Settlements. He has visited with Norges Bank and the Swedish Riksbank, and has held a position at Radboud University.

Research Interests

  • Banking
  • Risk management
  • Networks
  • Financial conglomerates

Working papers

See my IDEAS profile.

Selected publications

Heijmans, R., Heuver, R., Levallois, C. & van Lelyveld, I. Dynamic visualization of large financial networks. Journal of Network Theory in Finance 2(2), 57--79 (2016).
Bonner, C., van Lelyveld, I. & Zymek, R. Banks’ liquidity buffers and the role of liquidity regulation. Journal of Financial Services Research 48(3),  215--234 (2015).
Fang, Y. & van Lelyveld, I. Geographic diversification in Banking. Journal of Financial Stability 15, 172--181 (2014).
De Haas, R. & van Lelyveld, I. Multinational banks and the global financial crisis: Weathering the perfect storm? Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 46(1), 333--364 (2014).
in ‘t Veld, D. & van Lelyveld, I. Finding the core: Network structure in interbank markets. Journal of Banking and Finance 49, 27--40 (2014).
Squartini, T., van Lelyveld, I. & Garlaschelli, D. Early-Warning Signals of Topological Collapse in Interbank Networks. Scientific Reports 3(3357) (2013).