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RiskLab Finland is an independent research laboratory at Arcada with ties to an international network of RiskLabs. Since the first RiskLab was founded at ETH Zurich in 1994, branches have been set up most often in partnership with Algorithmics Inc at University of Toronto (1996), in Munich (1997), at Cornell University (1998), at Cambridge University (1998), at Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (2000), and at Cyprus International Institute of Management in Nicosia (2001), as well as a Risklab China Research Center in 2006 and RiskLab Australia in 2016. The strategic alliance RiskLab Global, founded in 2010, is headquartered at University of Toronto, Canada, and aims at supporting collaboration within the international network. The common objective of the network of RiskLabs is a combination of academic research, industrial innovation and governmental oversight in financial risk management.

The Finnish section of RiskLab focuses generally on the development of machine learning and visual analytics for risk measurement. Particular focus is given to the study of systemic financial risks and vulnerabilities, and their sources, with a focus on the financial system as a whole. RiskLab maintains the VisRisk platform for visual systemic risk analytics. VisRisk is a collaboration with Infolytika Ventures who develop the interface technology in use.

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VisRisk: Visual Systemic Risk Analytics
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