Kaj-Mikael Björk, PhD

Executive Director


Kaj-Mikael is the Head of Department of Business Management and Analytics at Arcada. Prior to that, Kaj-Mikael was working as a Senior Lecturer in Logistics (Arcada) and Assistant Professor in Information Systems (Åbo Akademi). The borderline between economics and IT has long fascinated him, as well as inspired him to pursue achievements in both education and research. He has held approx. 15 different courses in the fields of Logistics and Management Science and Engineering. Within the research projects he has participated in, he has completed approximately 60 scientific peer reviewed articles with an H-index of 10 (Google scholar). As Head of Department, Kaj-Mikael also participates actively in many administrative tasks and he is a member of the university’s steering group. His research interests are in information systems, analytics, supply chain management, machine learning, fuzzy logic, and optimization.

Selected publications